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The Senior Supply Chain & Fulfillment Specialist plays a key role in planning, developing, establishing and optimizing the Fulfillment Network consisting of tire collectors, tire haulers, tire processors and the end manufacturers required to ensure eTracks’ customers’ obligations are met. The Senior Supply Chain & Fulfillment Specialist will evaluate the obligations of our customers to identify the resources required to move end-of-life tires (ELT’s) from the collection points through the fulfillment/supply chain to manufacture tire-derived-products (TDP’s).

Working in a cross-departmental manner, the Senior Supply Chain & Fulfillment Specialist will evaluate and analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the network engage suppliers/service-providers required to enhance eTracks’ fulfilment chain, help ensure a smooth transition of newly developed supplier/service-provider relationships from the Fulfillment team to the Stakeholder Relationships team, and will help develop supplier/service-provider performance audit & compliance plans. This position will play a lead role in driving efficiency (cost, quality, time) within the network and help manage change within the evolving tire recycling industry. 

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Closing date 29/03/2019
Location Oakville

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Location Oakville, Ontario